Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Haven… I’m in Haven

South Haven that is.  And really, I’m back home already.  No way was I hauling my laptop on vacation to blog (realistically there wasn’t room, what with all the baby gear we had to truck). But I have to tell you about the little piece of heaven that I found in South Haven, Michigan: a little place called Bayberry Cottage.


Oh… my… goodness I want EVERYTHING in this store and I really can’t say that about any other store I’ve ever been in.  It was staged so well, not overstuffed but layered enough that your eye was always busy.

They feature unique pieces including furniture from Joe Ruggiero, gorgeous silver pieces from Mariposa and textiles from Company C.  If you’re in a position to stop by I highly recommend it! 

Bayberry Cottage

510 Phoenix Street, South Haven, MI 49090

(269) 639-9615

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What the hail?


June 006

Can someone smarter than me explain how little ice balls hit my house/car/yard when it’s 90 degrees out?  Science isn’t my strong suit.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easy Does It

My blog has been neglected now that the weather has turned nice!  I’ve been busy working on projects and more importantly, socializing.  Last week I visited my style icon Kate of Starr Family Blog.  Every detail of her house is gorgeous and perfectly planned.  My little spy wanted to explore every room in her house so I got to see all of the awesomeness that she features on her blog first hand.  

In regards to projects, I’ve been working on a number of painting projects.  If one exists, I’m probably on a spray paint watch list.  Even the kid at Home Depot was asking what I was working on and then asked me to paint his room.  Uhhhhh… I was glad the transaction was complete at that point.  Peace out, kid!

Here’s a simple project that I completed recently.  When we revamped my husband’s bathroom we removed the old medicine cabinet and replaced it with a modern mirror.  I thought the original mirror was gone but I found it in the basement recently and thought I would give it a little makeover and put it in my bathroom.  I primed it and then painted it a glossy white.  A simple project but I love the difference and I used what we had to add a little pizazz to my space!

April 001

June 028 edit

We have a few projects yet to do to complete the bathroom, such as framing out the bathroom mirror, painting the ceiling to cover a stain we got when our roof leaked this winter and finally, adding crown moulding that we bought a few years ago but never got around to installing. 

For funsies, here’s our stained ceiling: 

June 033 edit
Gross.  Have you ever had your roof leak?  Did you paint just the stain or the whole ceiling?  We’re planning on painting the whole ceiling, but it sure would be nice to not have to!