Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Sweet DIY Art

Have you ever made something so truly spectacular that you were almost embarrassed at how incredible it was?  Yes?  Me too.  

I decided to make my sister a little gift just to let her how much I love her.  I started with a scrap of poplar wood left over from my stool project.  Nothing says love more than scraps!  I gave it one coat of spray paint and slightly distressed the edges.  Look how gorgeous that wood grain is!

April 036 

Next I applied an adorable picture I found in the coupon section of the newspaper with a healthy slather of Mod Podge.  Since she was on her way over I zapped it with the hair dryer to speed up the curing time.
And voila!  A high style, low cost, one-of-a-kind piece of art! 

April 038

Look how excited she is!  I’m sure she’s dying to find a special place in her house for my masterpiece.

April 040
{she does have an upper lip, she was just trying to match the pup’s toothy grin}

Backstory: When we were younger, we found a similar picture in Reader’s Digest and that little pup made its way around our house, hiding in various spots just waiting to incite giggles when found.  My sis recently gifted me that same little (well-preserved) pup for Valentine’s Day, as seen here:

April 076
If you think we’re goofy, you should meet the rest of the family.

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