Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sister is a Bad Influence

She cons me into going antiquing with her, doesn’t buy anything herself but convinces me to buy things. Can you believe that?!   This little lady with those sweet moves?  Looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

dance party

(cropped so as not to show my little mulleted self)

Recently we stopped by a few shops and a little town flea.  Again, the girl didn’t buy a thing, but as soon as I would ponder a purchase she would say, “Oh, you should get that!”  And of course, I did. 


Here are two silver pieces I picked up that needed some love.  I spent almost a whole naptime polishing them, which was strangely enjoyable.  It reminded me of polishing silverware before a sorority function.


Here they are after.  What a difference!  The handle is still tarnished, but that was as good as I could get it. 

Thanks for talking me into buying them, sissy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Desk Redo

This poor desk has been in progress for EVER! 

Poor desk?!  What about your poor car that’s been stuck in the driveway all summer?

Simmer down, Car, you’ll get your spot back before winter hits.  Hopefully.


Sorry about that.  Not everyone appreciates my procrastination and overscheduling of projects.  Where were we?  Oh, that’s right, the desk.  I bought this desk back when I bought the chest that I re-vamped.  I had so many issues this this thing, but I think it turned out cute anyway.  I didn’t plan on keeping it as we have limited space, so I decided to paint it pink and send it back to Craigslist where I found it.  Hopefully it makes it’s way into a little girl’s room somewhere!

April 003





Cute, huh?