Friday, April 8, 2011

Get in Shape, Girl!

I'm channeling my 6 year old self right now. Who else had the book and cassette tape, Get in Shape, Girl? I still have the jingle in my head.
Get in shape, girl... you'll love feeling. Get in shape, girl... it's so appealing!

Well, 24 years and 2 babies later, this girl really DOES need to get in shape! Enter this:

It's the E514 Elliptical from Nautilus. And its been sitting in my garage for two days now, waiting for my hubby and I to move it into the basement. Thank goodness for the weekend! You know what I'll be doing - hopefully in addition to some other projects. What about you?


  1. OH MY LANDS!!!! I had Get in Shape Girl, my favorite was the ribbon wand routine! I may just have to scan the picture of me doing it and send to you (under strict promise that it does not surface in public).

    I especially love that your new equip. is sitting in your garage... come on MIKE! OPEN IT!

  2. Wow. I had that. Probably about age seven or maybe younger. I just loved their clothes.