Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Haven… I’m in Haven

South Haven that is.  And really, I’m back home already.  No way was I hauling my laptop on vacation to blog (realistically there wasn’t room, what with all the baby gear we had to truck). But I have to tell you about the little piece of heaven that I found in South Haven, Michigan: a little place called Bayberry Cottage.


Oh… my… goodness I want EVERYTHING in this store and I really can’t say that about any other store I’ve ever been in.  It was staged so well, not overstuffed but layered enough that your eye was always busy.

They feature unique pieces including furniture from Joe Ruggiero, gorgeous silver pieces from Mariposa and textiles from Company C.  If you’re in a position to stop by I highly recommend it! 

Bayberry Cottage

510 Phoenix Street, South Haven, MI 49090

(269) 639-9615

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  1. Super cute... we're headed to Chicago & Lake Michigan's East Coast in August and I CANNOT wait to check out all the cute boutiques!

    ps... did the meat stay cold ;)