Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::puffs out chest::

Lookie what I made with the help and motivation of Ana White!

Construction complete! I used poplar boards for their strength and durability and joined it using Gorilla glue and countersinking the screws. I actually used drywall screws because we have a bunch and that's what my husband handed to me. They worked.

Sooo... I kind of liked it better unfinished. Meh, oh well.

Here it is with the screw holes filled and sanded. The paint is Valspar flat base Jekyl Club blue or something like that. I looked once but got distracted before blogging and don't feel like going back into the basement to double check. There may have been "Veranda" in the name too, but I can't be sure. If you need the color let me know and I will double check the name for you. I sanded after the first and second coat, then finished with two coats of glossy spray polyurethane. If it were a piece other than a step stool, I would probably sand and coat with a little more poly, but a bit of grip on the steps will be good when the kids climb up and brush their teeth.

While I think mine doesn't look nearly as cute as Ana's, I'm proud of my work and my little guy loves it! I didn't splay my legs like she did since I'm an amateur and my distressing is minimal because distressing just isn't something that I'm wired for, but I think it turned out well just the same.

Here is my little buddy helping me measure and mark my boards prior to cutting. He even helped me paint! Oh, how I wish I had a picture from painting day but I was too afraid for the rest of my house to stop and get the camera while he was wielding a brush. I ended up stripping him down to his diaper because he was wanting to wipe the paint on his shirt. Instead he wiped it all over his belly, legs, cheeks, etc. Good thing Valspar is non-toxic and cleans up with water!

I love Ana's site and can't wait to build more! Go check her out!

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