Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are an obsession, you're my obsession

Remember that song? That pretty much describes my passion for pumpkin bread. It started slowly, as all addictions do. A quick stop at Starbucks every few weeks for some of their pumpkin bread when I was pregnant. Mmm, that's tasty. Soon the trips started coming at more regular intervals. My husband was questioning the rapid increase in our food budget. Lay off me, I'm pregnant!

I decided that I needed to somehow replicate the recipe to save some money (and my marriage) so I found a nice substitute on I thought the hard part was over. Little did I know...

One day whilst checking out at the grocery store the nice young lad at the register remarked how surprised he was that they even had pumpkin in stock. Why, what do you mean? He informed me of a pumpkin shortage. Oh, my heavens. Panic struck. We were nearing Thanksgiving when there was sure to be a run on canned pumpkin for pies (which I don't care for, interestingly(?) enough). I didn't want to be too greedy so I just picked up a can or two when I was grocery shopping to start a little stockpile. Now I can't even find it at Giant Eagle so I obsessively look for it anywhere there's a possibility of finding it.

Thar's my stash. What you see is all there is though. Think it will get me through until next fall? Me either. And look at that pathetic, triangular-shaped pantry. Maybe that will be on the to-do list, falling under the umbrella of kitchen re-do.

Hey, look. My first non-introductory post and I've already deviated from my blog's intent.


  1. :)

    They have TONS of pumpkin at Buehlers & Walmart silly girl.

    Did you say kitchen re-do? How about painting the cupboards & calling it a day? The mere thought of that makes my head hurt :)

  2. Pumpkin is nowhere to be found here! Trust!

    We are waffling between painting or a complete re-do. Stay tuned!