Friday, March 25, 2011

Yay for free stuff!

Waiting for me on my front porch yesterday was this lovely *free* package from Valspar.

From top left:
A thank you note from Valspar, a $5 coupon off a gallon of Valspar paint from Lowe's, a painting tip sheet, a package of complementary colors to the one I had chosen, 2 baby trays, a roller with 2 roller covers, the 7.2 oz paint sample and the sheet with the color I chose, which is Mark Twain Gray Brick.

Can I tell you that I'm a sucker for good packaging and this one set my heart a twitter? Love it. And tell me the roller and trays aren't the cutest thing ever.

Get your free sample here!

I can't wait to start on my next project using this gorgeous paint color! Well, after my current one is finished so I can get my car back in the garage that is.

1 comment:

  1. Booyah! Sweet free stuff mama :) Now hightail it over here and paint for me, heh?