Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I don't know where you are, but the weather here in the Buckeye state has been such a tease! Warm one day, cold and snowing the next. I am loving the signs that warmer weather will soon be here on a more permanently temporary basis. Does that even make sense? You know what I mean if you deal with the change of seasons. :) My tulips and daffodils are trying to pop up, as are my irises. I can't wait to see the bright colors those flowers will bring!

I'm also thinking of what to plant in our garden this year. We usually buy plants (rather than plant seeds) and typically get ahead of ourselves at the nursery. A conversation between my husband and I usually goes something like this:

Oh, we should get eggplant!
What will we do with it?

I don't know but it will be good!

How about peppers?

I don't like peppers.

I don't either, but maybe we'll like them if they come from our own garden!

This usually results in us over-buying and over-planting, but there's something about spring that incites reckless foliage enthusiasm.

Here is our garden last year. In this little space we squeezed in 6 tomato plants, and 3 plants each of cayanne peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce and melon. Too much? Oh, yes. As you can imagine some things didn't make it but we certainly enjoyed what did.

We'll try to plan a little better this year and hope we don't get overly excited at the endless possibilities that we can't accommodate.

If you like to garden, what do you plant? Any useful tips or tricks?


  1. I know exactly NOTHING about gardening! My mama on the other hand has had a truly organic garden every year of my life. She did it way before green was 'in'.... Adam's mom too actually. So... I just contributed nada. :)

    I will take some of your peppers, I can homemade salsa!

  2. Oh! Ericka @ Urban Grace Interiors just posted on her new garden... so check out the post! Looks all fancy schmancy!