Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wishful thinking

I love painting. Nothing specific, and certainly nothing complicated, but I love the change that can happen with a little swap of color (or colour if you're Canadian). Rustoleum has some great colors to choose from in spray paints and I'll be posting some projects soon to show you some of their vibrant hues.

A big (potential) project we have looming in our home is painting the kitchen cabinets. I know it will be a tedious task, which is why I've been looking into sprayers. Graco has some very affordable options that have minimal overspray -- something important to consider since part of the project would include spraying inside our home.
This bad boy is only $109 at Lowe's and I know I have some coupons around here somewhere. It claims to spray a 6' x 6' area in 4 minutes. If time is money then I'll save... time... money... well, I'm not going to do the math but I love things that save time. Of course, I have yet to run this by my big brother the paint expert, so we'll see what he thinks before I commit to anything (not that I always listen to him :)


  1. Oh, a paint sprayer would be so fun! It took my mother 1 solid year to paint her kitchen cabinets, though she has no concentration.

    You can absolutely do it! And if you decide to do it, I highly recommend that stuff at Sherwin Williams called Xtender (you see NO brush strokes).

  2. Looking forward to seeing the transformation! We just did it - best money saving DIY project with gorgeous results! I tried paint sprayer, foam roller and paintbrush. I preferred the paintbrush - but I had trouble getting the right consistency with the paintsprayer and the right technique. I suggest practice! lol That's my plan this summer...practicing for painting furniture/etc. and hopefully with better results!

    Good luck!