Monday, April 4, 2011

Out with the Old

Some old things are good, like antiques for example (unless you're Billy Bob Thornton and have a phobia of them, then they're scaaaary.) But some old things are not so good, like gaping holes in your house.

Ok, so a gaping hole isn't exactly something old, but I forgot to take a before picture of what was previously in this spot: a leaky, aluminum five-foot sliding glass door. My pal here, Steve, reworked the opening, building a new header to accommodate a six foot door which made the space feel larger. He would kill me if he knew I was showcasing him on my blog.

Oh, here's a pic of the old gal. I would like to say that she had seen her day, but an aluminum door in Ohio probably only had one or two good days, what with the crazy conductivity allowing the house to heat and cool when you don't want it to.

We replaced the door with a triple paned aluminum-clad wood door with blinds between the glass and the difference in energy efficiency is astounding. Between the door and our windows, we've easily saved $360 a year, not to mention the style we've gained!

We've since painted the door white to match the rest of the millwork in our house, but I do love how it looks unfinished. I'm just a sucker for the beauty of natural wood!

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  1. Fresh... I have to admit I love the natural too! White will blend and look lovely, but there is something about the untouched wood :)