Friday, July 29, 2011

Cupcakes for my cuppycake


It just doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Last weekend my little babers turned ONE!  Though it’s cliché, it’s amazing how much children change in such a seemingly short amount of time. While I miss some of the aspects of babyhood, he gets sweeter and more fun everyday. 

We celebrated the little guy’s milestone in style with family, friends and of course, cake!  {Well, cupcakes, as the title does declare.}

I used this recipe to make the cupcakes and like pretty much everything I try, it was much harder and more time consuming than I anticipated.  I should clarify that it was the icing that gave me the most grief.  Thank goodness for my mom and sister’s help getting the rest of the food ready or cupcakes would have been the only item on the menu.


CAKE’s cupcakes v. JC’s cupcakes.  Wah waaaahhhhh


{cupcake toppers from Etsy seller Designer Favors}


The icing was a big hit. The cake… not so much.  A boy after my own heart-- and Allie’s from Hyperbole and a Half, who artistically demonstrated our her feelings on the matter:

Are you a cake person?  Are you an EXTREME cake person, one who will eat cake without icing?  And what’s the difference between frosting and icing, if anything?

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  1. Need I answer this?? Hello icing. My sister and I were actually going to start writing a blog called Crumb & Frosting... you guess who Crumb is :)