Monday, August 8, 2011

A little re-org is good for the soul


I had no intention of reorganizing my spice cabinet, but had just been thinking about the unused space in the upper half of the cabinet and just so happened to come across a little shelf organizer while looking for canning jars in Wal-Mart (future post! I’m domestical!) and couldn’t pass up that $5 item.  That’s how it always goes at Wal-Mart and Target for me—I go in for five things and leave with ten.  A friend and I joke that Target has a $50 cover charge; have you ever left for less?  If so, tell me your secret!



Moderately organized, in that like items were grouped together and I knew where everything was.



After a wipe-down.  That outlet is just a pain.



Shelf and all it’s spicy friends moved back into place. Most-used items are to the front and seldom used to the back.  It feels like a better utilization of space yet makes it seem like I have more things.  How about that? Before you ask, I have two balsamic vinegars because I love it that much!  So much that I would marry it if I was single and if you could do that kind of thing. 

This post just took a weird turn.


Bonus: You just got a hint of our mini-kitchen makeover.  Yes, our kitchen is pint-sized and yes, the makeover was small. So many hyphens in this post and probably not all of them used properly!


Happy Monday, ya’ll!

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