Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today’s Activities and Excuses

Our street has been torn up for about two weeks now in an effort to repave.  First with the grinding down of the old street, days dealing with tar and chip {and dust and dust and dust}, a few days of the first layer and the final layer being laid down today.  Thankfully I think today’s activities have completed the project.  Maybe.  Hopefully. 

As such, it’s been a dirty, stinky mess outside and I have painting projects sitting in the garage that have lost all patience with me.   Or maybe I’ve just become ambivalent or lazy.  Probably the latter.  I mean, they were out there before this project started, so I’m really blaming the road crews for my inactivity, even though it’s slightly legit.  2 legit to quit!

Here are some shots I took this morning.  I was trying to be sneaky so some are taken from behind a storm door or screened window.  Gosh my life is lame.


Just ‘laxin.


This fella was hard at work trying to smooth out a seam.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that construction stopped right in front of my house yesterday.  Lovely.  There were many people trying to make the transition a seamless one, but I have a feeling there may be issues that arise as it still isn’t fully blended despite many a pass by the steamroller.


Speaking of which, this is what we started with with  morning.  The pile of scrap is still sitting on our devil’s strip {that’s what it’s called, right?}  Wonder if someone plans to pick that up…


Two steamrollers!  That generated a lot of excitement in my toddler.

018 edit

My mailbox was quaking in its boots but remained unscathed.

Even though we were mildly inconvenienced over the past week or two, we’re excited to have a fresh new street that looks great and is smooth to drive on.  The guys doing the work really busted their humps, working from very early in the morning {I heard the first truck this morning at 6:46 a.m.!} into the evening and they even worked on Saturdays!

Off to think about those painting projects!


  1. Ridiculous. We are way too similar :)

  2. My son would have loved to see all the construction equipment out in our yard- but I'm sure you are ready for them to be done and gone!